Month: November 2019

Automate Quote to Opportunity using AtomIQ with Oracle CX Apps

Shorten your Oracle Cloud Apps integration project with AtomIQ using the pre-built adapters for Oracle CX Applications. Oracle Engagement Cloud The following integrations are available with Oracle Engagement Cloud helping customers automate all opportunities to quotes. Sync Contacts Create/View opportunities Create/View/Update Quotes Upload Prices Upload Products – Sync Inventory Data Payment History Invoices Orders

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Leverage AtomIQ with E1 Orchestrator

AtomIQ is a Business Process (Workload) Automation platform that goes above & beyond the capabilities of the E1 Orchestrator, helping to leverage its full potential. Using widgets within AtomIQ that take input from end users before triggering jobs, customers can call not only orchestrations in E1, but also batch applications (UBEs) and business functions (BSFNs)…

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