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Rapidly Build

Web & Mobile Apps

AtomIQ’s cutting-edge low-code/no-code platform, empowers users to build robust applications with minimal coding expertise.

What is DI Studio?

AtomIQ’s DI Studio is a powerful web based application that can help you build apps for Mobile devices, Web browsers & Chatbots with zero line of code.

Businesses seeking to improve employees productivity by improving user experience can leverage AtomIQ’s DI Studio to rapidly build enterprise apps. Also, AtomIQ’s action framework enables cross application support. This granular control allows DI Studio to meet any design and business requirements.

Gateway to Attended Automation

DI Studio can help build front-end layer for end users to trigger or invoke Automation tasks when specific events happen or at a scheduled time they run . Users can also manage and monitor automation scripts that run without user intervention.

It’s like sharing workspace with a bot

Low-Code/No-Code Platform

DI Studio is the simplest and quickest way to build Mobile Apps, Web Apps & Chatbots with little to no programming skills. The modular approach allows citizen developers (Business Analyst) to build applications without the need to write code. Groovy scripting is also available to build complex use cases.

Use Cases

Why Digitize Warehouse Operations?

Digitizing warehouse operations is a process of upgrading or introducing new technologies, systems, and processes to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of warehouse operations. With the rapid advancement of technology, warehouses can no longer rely on traditional methods to

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Purchase Order Approval

AtomIQ’s Purchase Order Approval app provides a user-friendly interface across mobile, tablet, and web devices to easily view, respond and take action on purchase orders.

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Create Sales Order

Mobile users can now quickly access customer relationship management (CRM) data that gives them real-time visibility into sales opportunities using AtomIQ Mobile App. Users can also create order on the fly.

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Cycle Count

Keep track of your stock and manage your inventory without the disruption and time involved in a total inventory count using scanning capability in AtomIQ Mobile Application.

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AtomIQ's DI Studio is an essential add-on that will empower users to work effectively with nexgen tech there by increasing productivity & reducing errors. Learn more about DI Studio.


Start building Mobile Apps (iOS & Android), Web Apps & Chatbots and get immediate results by adding DI Studio into existing AtomIQ installations. Contact Support to get started.