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The Warehouse is a central part of Supply Chain Management in any organization. Learn how AtomIQ can help companies lower the total labor cost and achieve the dual goals of warehousing cost optimization and the improvements in labor productivity while eliminating manual repetitive tasks.

Key Features

  • Track product movement and storage, and update inventory status in real time.
  • Easily transfer inventory between locations.
  • Audit inventory in real time
  • Gain deep business insights with customizable inventory dashboards.


Inventory Management

Scan various labels on the products and materials during receiving, storing, picking and shipping processes.

Warehouse Management

Tackle repetitive and monotonous tasks while reducing labor costs and workforce reorientation.

Order Management

Manage the sales order fulfillment while reducing errors and shipping delays with automated order management processes.

Barcode Scanning

Automate receiving, accelerate your picking process, and reduce data entry errors using camera or scanner devices.

Vendor Management

Create & Approve Purchase Orders. Give provide B2B access to suppliers using AtomIQ Mobile App.

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Mobile App Designer Studio for Supply Chain

AtomIQ’s Mobile App Designer Studio is a powerful web based application that can help you build low code no code apps for Mobile devices, Web browsers & Chatbots with zero line of code. Businesses seeking to improve employees productivity by improving user experience can leverage AtomIQ’s DI Studio to rapidly build enterprise apps. Also, AtomIQ’s action framework enables cross application support. This granular control allows DI Studio to meet any design and business requirements.

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