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WO Inventory Issue

WO Inventory Issue

Problem Statement: When the work order is processed, the parts list from the BOM is attached to the order and a report with component details are printed for issuance. After the components have been picked for the production line the stock status is updated via systematic inventory issue. However, there might be chance to enter the incorrect quantity in the inventory issue through backflush application.

Risk: This might cause discrepancies in the inventory. Will be a challenge in the inventory accuracy, maintenance and Inventory cost.
Solution: Since the above process involves a manual entry of quantity in the work order print report this business process can be automated. Instead of printing the work order component report this information can be interfaced and viewed through mobile application. The quantity can be entered in the mobile app/tablet and plug into the JDE system at the time of backflush to update the inventory.

• No manual intervention.
• Eliminate paperwork and go with the paperless digital operation.
• Maintain inventory accuracy.

Compatibility: All ERP’s (Including E1)

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