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Purchase Order Approvals on the Cloud – Secure, Agile & Scalable

Purchase Order Approvals on the Cloud – Secure, Agile & Scalable

Enterprise Agility is about speed-to-market, realizing the product roadmap faster, responding to market changes quicker.

Recent industry reports paint a thought-provoking picture of the current state of digital transformation that can enable business agility: more than 53% of organizations believe they face a serious threat of digital disruption over the next two years, and in response, 81% of organizations say that digital transformation is “important” or “very important” to their organization. However, only 1 in 5 organizations has managed to translate all of these good intentions into digital transformation reality.

Explore 75+ available out-of-box mobile apps to help you kickstart your mobile journey and find out how to meet any business requirement across virtually unlimited use cases. Learn how AtomIQ can help organizations navigate very challenging times – and succeed in their digital transformation and business agility initiatives. During this demo, we will showcase PO approvals not only using mobile applications but also using the workflow engine’s capabilities. We will discuss some possible limitations with standard E1 purchase order approvals that perhaps leads to customizations or abandoning of the functionality while highlighting key differentiators of AtomIQ that can help to address those limitations.

Join Industry Leading Presenters:

Nitin Lakhpat
VP – Products & Development, AtomIQ