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Purchase Order Approval

Purchase Order Approval

Empower your enterprise with PO Approval App

View, Respond, Accept and Reject Orders in a Single Click
PO Approval

AtomIQ’s Purchase Order Approval app provides a user-friendly interface across mobile, tablet, and web devices to easily view, respond and take action on purchase orders. Create POs, manage vendors, track purchases and simplify purchasing while saving time and money.

Compatible with all ERPs, the app can be customized to your specific needs using our low-code / no-code platform.

Key Features:

  • Approve or Reject Requisition or Purchase Orders
  • View Attachments
  • Export PO detail to Excel
  • PO Approval Analytical Dashboard
  • Upgrade PO Approval Process using AtomIQ Workflow Engine
  • Push, Text & Email Notifications
  • Simplified Communication with Originator, Supplier & Planner


  • Instant purchase order approvals in Realtime accelerate productivity
  • Provides comprehensive details for managers to take better and informed decisions
  • Offline mode mobile PO Approvals
  • Highly productive mobile approvals from any mobile devices
  • Integrates with JDE and NetSuite backend, to minimize delays and consequently optimize purchase approval backlogs
  • Proactive Text/Push notifications ensure quick actions on approvals, eliminating longer procurement cycles
  • Improved user experience. Simple and elegant UI interface for easy use, optimal viewing, and navigation
  • Responsive mobile app to adapt across platforms.
  • Gamification to boost user adoption

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