Market Freight Quote Integration with E1

Market Freight Quote Integration with E1

Explore how a leading global manufacturer of floral accessory products leveraged AtomIQ across their enterprise to integrate with a third-party freight provider to calculate freight charges in real-time during sales order creation.


  • Limited real-time visibility into freight charges
  • Manual & complex freight calculation process
  • Multiple steps to enter freight line during order creation process
  • Incorrect freight charges leading to loss in revenue


  • Implemented AtomIQ company-wide & across all key applications
  • Integrated AtomIQ with third-party freight providers
  • Integrated E1 Sales Order Entry Application to pull real-time freight charges via a web service based on order-related information such as weight, volume, dates, etc.
  • Freight Service provided market freight quote based on the received order information
  • AtomIQ processes the received freight quote and writes a freight line in the sales order application

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