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Workload Automation

AtomIQ Automation Platform

In an Era of Information Agility and Process Automation –

The AtomIQ platform empowers your business with decision trees that automate repetitive tasks and initiate critical business events in real-time, with clock-like precision.

AtomIQ eliminates complex, redundant steps performed by human users and streamlines them for simplicity thereby cutting costs and saving time, which is better invested elsewhere. You can have disparate systems talk to each other and go about their daily tasks without having to wait for human intervention.

Key Benefits:

  • Leverage your existing apps to drive next generation business automation.
  • AtomIQ-enabled automation of business processes can help:
    • Streamline a business for simplicity
    • Achieve digital transformation
    • Increase service quality
    • Improve service delivery
    • Contain costs
  • Integrate applications, restructure labor resources & maximize software and SaaS throughout the organization.

Platform Features:


Create and tailor notifications to stay informed and get alerts about upcoming action items using AtomIQ’s proactive and reactive notifications framework.


Visualize data like never before with AtomIQ’s visual layer and take action with pre-designed decision trees & widgets. Leverage Silent Login to integrate AtomIQ pages into existing applications.

Dynamic Variables

With the power of dynamic variables, complex orchestrations can now be developed. Combining dynamic variables with groovy scripting gives power to citizen developers.

Intuitive User Interface

AtomIQ's integration with your existing applications can help enhance UX, increase user satisfaction and improve usability & accessibility.


E1 Adapter: Call E1 Orchestrator, batch applications & business functions
REST Adapter: Pull/push data using REST calls
Email Adapter: Send emails to end users

Groovy Scripting

Simple > Complex > Complicated
AtomIQ is a no-code automation tool for the delight of citizen developers who want instant results. Groovy scripting is also available to create complex orchestrations.

Rapid Modeling & Tuning

AtomIQ treats automation as an evolving and iterative process to train a machine to perform tasks. It is very easy to tweak, re-plan & troubleshoot decision trees with built-in tools to simulate and troubleshoot.

Traceability of Orchestrations

AtomIQ's detailed continuous monitoring capability can help alert stakeholders during failures or exceptions.