Streamlining Cycle Counts with AtomIQ & E1 Orchestrator

Streamlining Cycle Counts with AtomIQ & E1 Orchestrator


A multi-facility manufacturing operation faced challenges in efficiently processing cycle counts due to their outdated manual system. Cycle counts are crucial for maintaining accurate inventory records and ensuring smooth operations. The previous process involved the distribution of scheduled batch reports, manual recording, and data entry into JDE (JD Edwards) for variance analysis. However, this process was time-consuming, error-prone, and lacked real-time visibility into the inventory status. To overcome these challenges, the company decided to implement AtomIQ barcode scanning solution, which significantly improved their cycle count operations.


1. Large Distance Between Count Location and Data Entry Location:
The physical separation between the location of cycle counts and data entry points resulted in delays and inefficiencies. Employees had to travel back and forth, wasting valuable time and resources.
2. Paper Communication:
The reliance on paper-based batch reports led to delays, potential miscommunications, and difficulties in maintaining an organized record of the cycle count process.
3. Paper Traceability of Recounts Performed:
The manual nature of recording recounts made it challenging to track the history of recount occurrences, leading to potential data discrepancies and inaccuracies.
4. Data Integrity Issue with Part Identification:
Identifying parts accurately during cycle counts was problematic, potentially resulting in incorrect entries and inaccurate inventory records.
5. Multiple Counts Needing to Be Summed Into One JDE Entry:
Consolidating multiple cycle counts into a single entry in JDE posed a challenge, requiring additional manual efforts and increasing the likelihood of errors.
6. Supervisors Require Notification of Outstanding Counts, Traceability of Recounts/Sub Counts:
Supervisors lacked real-time updates on cycle counts’ progress and recount activities, making it difficult to manage the process efficiently.


1. Enabled Mobile Device Data Collection:
By integrating Orchestrator with AtomIQ, Hadrian could perform cycle counts using mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical travel between count locations and data entry points. Employees could now directly enter data into the system, saving time and reducing errors associated with manual transcription.

2. Bar Coding:
Orchestrator facilitated the use of barcodes during cycle counts, ensuring accurate part identification and reducing data integrity issues caused by manual entry errors.

3. Electronic Traceability:
With Orchestrator’s electronic traceability, all recount activities were digitally recorded and easily accessible. This enhanced visibility allowed supervisors to track the history of recounts, improving data accuracy and reliability.

4. Error Reduction:
The barcode scanning feature in Orchestrator ensured an exact match between the counted part and the data entered into JDE, minimizing the risk of data discrepancies and errors.

5. Notifications:
Orchestrator’s automated notifications system alerted employees and supervisors when cycle counts were complete or if a recount was required. This real-time communication streamlined the workflow and reduced delays.

6. Tiles – Summary Information:
Orchestrator’s customizable dashboard provided summary information on outstanding work and completed tasks. This visual representation empowered supervisors to manage the process more effectively and make informed decisions.

By implementing AtomIQ, the multi-facility manufacturing operation successfully overcame the challenges they faced during their cycle count process. The automation of data collection, barcode scanning, electronic traceability, and real-time notifications significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of their cycle count operations. As a result, the company experienced reduced operational costs, minimized data discrepancies, and enhanced overall productivity across their manufacturing facilities. AtomIQ proved to be a transformative solution, paving the way for further digitization and process optimization in their manufacturing & distribution operations.

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