Expense Management on the go

Expense Management on the go

With employee-related expenses often a major company expense, organizations need processes and procedures to facilitate expense approval, control costs, properly record & reconcile expenses with the general ledger and reimburse employees in a timely manner.

According to JP Morgan, Travel & Entertainment related expenses represent the second largest operating expense on a company’s balance sheet. 

In an era of process automation, expense management activities can be automated & simplified using tools such as AtomIQ, which can help reduce costs and time spent on manual, repetitive tasks performed by users – while  empowering Citizen Developers to solve strategic business challenges.

AtomIQ has partnered with BillsPls to enable businesses running any ERP to simplify expense management using the BillsPls mobile application, which can automatically capture line items, totals and dates from bills. This process can be integrated with AtomIQ’s automation framework to create expense entries in your financial system and follow up with processes defined by your organization, including expense approvals and more.

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