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About AtomIQ

About AtomIQ

Information Agility and Process Automation for JD Edwards

In an Era of Information Agility and Process Automation – AtomIQ's framework empowers your business with decision trees that automate repetitive tasks and initiate critical business events in real-time, with clock-like precision [all of this with No-Code and just a few clicks using AtomIQ, to the delight of citizen developers]!

AtomIQ eliminates complex, redundant steps performed by human users and streamlines them for simplify thereby cutting costs and saving time, which is better invested elsewhere. You can have disparate systems talk to each other and go about their daily tasks without having to wait for human intervention.

Visualize data like never before and act on it using pre-designed decision trees and widgets. What’s more - users can design and generate pixel-perfect embedded reports for daily reporting and decision-making across enterprise systems.

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