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Year-End Inventory Management using AtomIQ

Top 10 Checklist Items for Year-End Inventory Management

Thursday, November 16 | 2pm Eastern

Understanding inventory levels is key to a successful supply chain and necessary for accurate reporting at the end of a month, quarter, or year. This process however can be daunting -it’s often time-consuming, tedious and manual, leading to human errors and discrepancies.

Join this exciting webinar to learn best practices and essential tips for improving accuracy and streamlining inventory management using AtomIQ, and see a demo of popular apps including Cycle Count, Barcodes/QR Codes, RFID, NFC and more. It’s time to “make a list and check it twice” and make the most of your year-end inventory management process.

Featured Industry Experts:


Nitin Lakhpat
VP – Products & Development, AtomIQ