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Digitize Warehouse Operations

Does your Warehouse Check Off on the following?

 Streamlined Warehouse Operations

 Inventory Optimization

 Resource Management

 Provide Deep Insights



Several Out-Of-Box Warehouse Management Apps are readily available to jump-start the implementation process.

Why Digitize Warehouse Operations?

Digitizing warehouse operations is a process of upgrading or introducing new technologies, systems, and processes to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of warehouse operations. With the rapid advancement of technology, warehouses can no longer rely on traditional methods to

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Supplier Receipts

Record products that were ordered have been received so that the purchase order (PO) lines can then be processed for invoicing.

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Cycle Count

Keep track of your stock and manage your inventory without the disruption and time involved in a total inventory count using scanning capability in AtomIQ Mobile Application.

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Inventory Adjustment

Increase or decrease the on-hand quantity and the cost of inventory items in a branch/plant using the Inventory Adjustment AtomIQ mobile app.

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Inventory Transfer

Use the Inventory Transfer Mobile App to move inventory between locations in the same branch plant or move inventory between branch plants.

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License Plating

With License Plating AtomIQ Mobile app, move stacks of items through the warehouse using warehouse license plating. You can move product through with less scanning there by increasing your overall warehouse operation efficiency.

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