Use AtomIQ as middleware to connect all your applications and data sources (on-premise and cloud) for cross platform integration to enable discrete systems to talk to each other and go about their daily tasks without having to wait on human intervention. With detailed logging, AtomIQ can pinpoint precise points of failure.

Key Benefits

» Easy and fast connections: Need to integrate discrete applications? Using AtomIQ, seamlessly integrate between multiple SaaS or SaaS to on-premise applications.

» Integrate data from multiple sources: Integrate disparate and siloed data sources with each other to exploit the value of insights thereby improving processes and providing better customer service.

» Better collaboration: Using AtomIQ, collaborate internally or with your business trading partners to get better insight leading to positive impact on how you do your business.

» Data integrity and data quality: Keep import data elements in check to ensure consistency and quality of the data through its entire lifecycle.

» Increase competitiveness: AtomIQ’s integration platforms will improve accessibility of data across different applications which can play a vital role in your business and give an edge against competition.


Plug In Library

AtomIQ provides plugins for E1 and a growing list of technologies (REST, SOAP, FTP, DB etc.) to support integrations between cloud and on-premise applications.

Salvage Failures

Operators can manually run certain failed tasks and manually request AtomIQ to resume from where the failure happened. AtomIQ can smartly perform complete automation with user overrides.

Plug N Play

Pre-built integration templates are available for common E1 applications.

Regression Testing

Using E1 toolset, AtomIQ can load test every business process during upgrades, ensuring E1 upgrades are nearly seamless.